3 Cores Your Website Should Include To Grow Your Business

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Your website is likely the first impression a potential customer will receive about your company. When potential customers visit your website, they need to know what you offer and how it will help them. They also need to know how to buy; you need to ask for the sale. Remember, you lose 100% of the sales you don’t ask for. The earlier and clearer you can communicate these terms, the better.

Your website is your office

Your website is like an office online. Imagine visiting a physical office to request a service, but upon arrival, everything is out of place. You might endure staying around to honour the appointment, but you may not proceed to do business with them or engage their services in any way. Although, the service they offer has little to do with the appearance of their physical office.

The same applies to our websites. If potential customers visit our website and there are too much for them to process, they may conclude that we care less about simplifying our website for them, and therefore, we probably care less about them. These first impressions can be nearly impossible to reverse or undo and often set the tone for the ensuing relationship, which often results in no sales.

Even if your company has gained traction through word-of-mouth, a website full of noise can kill potential sales. – Donald Miller

While your website is not the only tool for your digital presence and marketing, it is the one that does the major heavy lifting. Perhaps you have heard people say, “Our website is getting traffic, but we’re not making sales… We’ve tried everything: SEO, SEM, Facebook marketing, Twitter, and Instagram, but we’re still not growing as fast as we should be.”

Chances are their websites do not employ the right content, or their contents are not clear enough, and consequently, it is costing them sales. The single most important ingredient on your website is the content.

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